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Galactic Shield 0 Audiobook: Breaker's Last Stand

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The only easy day was yesterday, especially if you’re fifty years into a galactic crawl and even your friends want to kill you.

The third Alliance of Planets fleet has nearly reached the Andromeda galaxy when rivalries and supply shortages spark another war. Pushed to the brink of human endurance by decades traveling through the darkest void imaginable, betrayals are as commonplace as starships.

Benjamin Wrath and his combat technician find themselves the last defender of the Longreach, an aging starship with battle scars from extra-galactic wars. Both have dreams. Wrath is drawn to a life of service after the transit war. Katrina Snow only wants to paint, though she’s never touched a brush or stretched a canvas.

But none of that will matter if they die defending the Longreach.

Pick up this exciting action-packed prequel short story in the upcoming Galactic Shield series from bestselling authors J.N. Chaney and Scott Moon. If you’re looking for a mix of Lethal Weapon and Battlestar Galactica, this is the series for you.

Duration: 65 Minutes