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Hey Affiliate, Variant Audio has a way to convert your community into cash with minimal effort?

You’ve worked hard to develop a following and a brand.

Your work has allowed you to increase your rate per finished hour or improve your revenues through royalty share.

 But your business has limitations in revenue growth.

There are only so many hours you can narrate in a year and limits to what you can charge in a market where new talent is coming into the market.

 Then there’s the fact that there is a finite supply of good books.

Sure, there are many books but narrate a few dogs, and it hurts your brand.

You must pick and choose projects wisely or your brand will pay the price.

What if you could financially benefit from the community you have built?

Before sharing how you can earn passive* income from your audience, let me share a little about what we are up to at Variant Audio.

At Variant Audio, we believe in a simple, author-direct, fan-driven concept.

We believe that listener experience is paramount, and the fan-creator relationship is all that matters.

In print, this means anything beyond the author and the reader is friction, but audiobooks are slightly different—the narrator matters as well.

Without a great narrator, a good story falls flat. With one, the story and characters come to life. 

Since Variant Audio is direct to listener experience, we look to cut out all the middlemen and dead weight that takes profits from the narrator and author.

For this project to succeed, we need to attract the right customers. Those listeners are prepared to pay for and listen to audiobooks.

 We believe that when we overlay the audiences of narrators and authors, our ideal customers are there. We just need to help them find a solution other than the leading audio platform.

*Let’s be honest about Passive income. You’ll need to promote links and get the word out to your fanbase for this to work. We’ll do our level best to close the sale with you. The combination of your recommendation, the social proof of our reviews, and our excellent service will, over time, deliver a constant stream of royalties. The great thing about our program is that once a customer completes a transaction. Even one for a free book they are logged as your customer.

How the program works

The idea is simple.

 We help you monetize your existing audience.

If your listeners buy from us, you get paid. To be able to compensate you, there are a few steps you’ll need to take.

  • You create a free affiliate account. You get a unique identifier to help us tag customers you bring to our site. This provides you the links to share with your audience so they can find us, and you get credit for sending them to our site.
  • Once a customer you refer buys from us, that customer is yours for life. We make it easy to get customers. We set our affiliate cookies to give you 365 days for a prospect to buy from us, and you earn credit. Better still, because we provide free short stories that you can share, you’ll find that you get a much higher signup rate.
  • We help train you on how to monetize your audience in a way that isn’t salesy or transactional. We don’t need to beg for book sales. We know that the quality of our work (story + narration) sells itself. We just need to earn the attention and build trust with a customer to see that direction is the better solution for everyone.

From there, we do the work to get them to buy.

Our approach is different. We aren’t looking to be transactional.

We look to be experiential. We’re ok if it takes a customer time to build trust before buying. 

We know that it takes time to change behavior, but we can deliver a better experience to our mutual fan base if we do this right.

 Once a customer purchases, we pay you 10% of everything they buy with no expiration.

You’ll always get credit.

This creates a unique opportunity where we can offer a better price point, and authors and narrators earn the money they deserve for what they create.

 As a Narrator working with Variant, you have two ways to participate. Those selected as narrators for our projects get the fixed upfront fee of your finished hour of work.

Those that participate in the affiliate program get a percentage of the sales your audience purchases. Not just your work but any of the work on our site your customers purchase.

One final note, as an affiliate, you’re partnering with a dominant science fiction brand that has delivered multiple highly profitable audiobook series. Our track record is proven, and our audience is enormous.

If creating another revenue stream from your audience makes sense then create an affiliate account today.