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Backyard Starship Short Audiobook: Clever Girl

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Icrul never fit in.

From her awkward body to her clever mind, so full of questions, she stood out in a city where conformity ruled—and tradition kept creative minds in check.

Abandoned by her scheming mother, Icky and her Da face a cruel teacher, a decaying ship, and financial ruin.

They also face. . .

a grasping hand that will use the law to strip them of everything they worked for.

But Icky is smart, and her Da is tough, and between them, they’ll stand up to a planet filled with people who make the ultimate error about the clumsy girl with big feet and endless questions. They underestimate her. And doing so is the last mistake they’ll get to make, for Icky’s destiny isn’t in a stifling classroom.

Her place is among the stars. And she’ll use everything she knows to get there.