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Uplink Squadron Audiobooks 1-9

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This is an audiobook bundle that includes the first nine books from the Uplink Squadron Series.

Book 1 Uplink Squadron

The ultimate pilot has arrived. An unprecedented connection between man and machine.

Five years ago, aliens destroyed a carrier and its airwing at Jupiter without warning.

Since then, the Earth’s nations have learned to work together, and they want to know more about the aliens who appeared, attacked, and vanished without a trace.

The Americans have provided a new carrier and a slew of space fighters.

Chinese engine and gravity technology has made going after the invaders possible.

And the Russians have developed a new control system for the American fighters that will give the craft never-before-seen capabilities.

Most importantly, this blend of technology has allowed for pilots to connect directly to their ships, amplifying their reflexes and giving them the ultimate edge in combat.Mankind’s next war is upon us, and Uplink Squadron is the tip of the spear.

It’s time to plug in and save the world.

Book 2 Second Fight

from the Lieutenants Lance Baker and Sofia Jimenez saved Earth in the fateful battle against the aliens who’d been intent on its destruction. But there’s a problem.

One of the enemy carriers got away.

Not only did that, but it fled to a star that’s out of reach of Terran jump technology, and it’s probably going for reinforcements. Worse, the final battle to save Earth resulted in the destruction of most of Terra’s defensive forces, and Lance and Sofia still have no idea what’s waiting for them among the stars.

Except that whatever’s out there, it doesn’t like them very much. And they’ve got nothing to stop it.

Lance and Sofia will have to reconstitute Uplink Squadron and lead it back to the stars to find out about the aliens that have attacked—who they are and where they’re hiding—and they may have to do it without Irina and Daiyu, who the Russians and Chinese want back. 

They’ll have to find the alien home world and prevent a devastating war. Because there’s no one else who can.

It’s time to plug back in and save the world. Again. Before it's too late.

Book 3 : Fangs Out

It was all just a game… or was it?

Contact has been made with the alien Overlords. They’re not the end of our civilization like we feared; instead, they were just training us to participate in a galactic war they’ve been fighting.

Or so they say.

But with an Overlord fleet in the solar system—far larger than anything we could hope to fight—when they ask for our help in the war, what can we say other than “Yes?”

We were barely holding our own against the military castoffs of the Overlords, though—how can we expect to fight in the front lines of a galaxy-wide war against the upscale technology of the new enemy, the Kardons?

Lance and Sofia will have to upgrade Uplink Squadron with new weapons and tactics if they’re to last beyond the first few minutes in this new way of war. But when they meet the new enemy in battle, it becomes obvious that the Overlords aren’t telling us everything, and Lance and Sofia are forced to wonder if they’re fighting for the right side. With the Overlords holding the Solar System, though, does it matter?

It’s time to plug back in and save the world.

Book 4: Far and Away

War sucks... especially when you’re fighting for the wrong side.

After getting shot down over Tau Ceti, Uplink Squadron commanding officer Lance Baker has come to the realization that Earth is fighting for the wrong side in the ongoing galactic war.
The only problem—their allies, the Overlords, control the Solar System, and to do anything other than what they bid is suicide for humanity.

But other humans—the Kardons—exist, and if an alliance was possible, maybe, just maybe, Earth could get the help it needs to throw off the Overlords’ shackles. Unfortunately, the Kardons are on the wrong side of the battle lines, and if any emissaries are seen crossing them, the Earth will get bombed out of existence.

Baker will have find a way to get to the Kardons’ home planet without being seen, negotiate an alliance, and bring Earth the help it needs to get out from under the Overlords, while the rest of Uplink Squadron continues to kill the people they’d like to be allied with. It’s a terrible plan—
and one that could easily result in the destruction of the Earth—but it’s the only one they’ve got.

It’s time to plug back in and save the world.

Books 5-9 TBA

Playtime over 100 hours