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Federation Marine 2 Audiobook: Sergeant

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At last, Sergeant Ryck Lysander has found a home in the United Federation Marine Corps, and has proven the temper of his steel in combat.

Stepping up as an NCO, however, is something different. It isn’t enough to be an effective warrior. He has to be able to lead his fellow Marines, all without doubting his own abilities.

Failing will not only lead to his own death, but to those under his command. The responsibility is heavy, and the cost of losing is high.

At the same time, an old ally becomes a new enemy, thrusting Ryck into a life and death situation where success or failure rides on his shoulders.

The question he must answer for himself is whether he has what it takes to lead...or if he should have stayed a recruit after all. 

Witness the second entry in the Federation Marine series from USA Today best-selling author Jonathan P. Brazee. If you're a fan of Sentenced to War, Old Man's War, or Starship Troopers, this is the series for you.