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Federation Marine 8 Audiobook: Commandant

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Major General Lysander has spent 38 years of his life dedicated to the Corps and sworn to perform the duties assigned to him by the Federation.

In the process, he has become the most decorated Marine in its history.

During his career, he has been given missions that he privately questions, but as the ancient Tennyson quote goes, “Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die.”

He has sworn an oath to obey, and he always upholds that oath to the best of his abilities.

Sworn oath or not, Ryck is faced with a situation that so horrifies him that he cannot accept it.

Can he just stand by and let it proceed, or will he become an oathbreaker and put not only his life, but more importantly, that of his family, his fellow Marines and sailors, and the citizens of the Federation in peril?