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Homeworld Lost 1 Audiobook: Homeworld Lost

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During a test flight for the world’s first warp engine, Major Noah Gantz is set to go down in the history books.

Despite years of training, the mission goes sideways, and instead of a quick trip to the moon and back, Noah's ship is transported across the universe to stars unknown.

Stranded in space and on the brink of death, Noah is rescued by a sentient starship and its captain. To save his life, the ship’s own biomatter must replace his failing cells.

Now, Noah is different. Stronger, faster… and there’s a voice in his head.

The voice of the ship itself, and its name is Kayan.

With no way to return home, Noah must adapt and rebuild his life in this unfamiliar corner of the universe. And as he does, he discovers a looming threat in the far reaches of space, growing in power, and set on capturing Noah and his ship.

Worse still, this new enemy knows about Earth. . . and it has big plans.


 DURATION: 10 hours