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Homeworld Lost 5 Audiobook: Earth Rising

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Kayan has emerged from the Hoyon citadel repaired and refreshed, though she’s a bit cagey.

Why would she share what kind of upgrades the healing process bestowed upon her? Noah Gantz is just glad to be back in the action, seeking Seer secrets, a way to save two galaxies, and finding Kilis Dane Ryger before Celia and Ryg destroy Kayan to get their answers.

When Kayan’s crew learns Dane may have genetically modified Azok warships, they pursue the clues back to the Milky Way and Earth…

… and learn General Tate Collins had his day in court, and was acquitted of wrong doing. Where is the man now? Who knows but Noah’s nemesis may be in possession of a new, more deadly young Azok (or three).

Kayan’s crew face new challenges and complications, not the least of which is accidentally delivering a new alien race, the Jykeen, to a remote Pacific island. Will the first contact scenario give United Earth the tools to survive, or doom them. On the bright side, Noah’s big showdown with 98X and 12X will settle his problem with the Monitors one and for all.

Grab the latest novel in the Homeworld Lost series, because the fate of two galaxies just got the volume turned up to eleven.

 DURATION: 10 hours