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Homeworld Lost 6 Audiobook: United Nexus

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Tate Collins has betrayed United Earth for the last time. Noah and Kayan’s crew are on a mission to bring him to justice. All they must do is find him and defeat the betrayer’s stolen fleet of living warships and the most advanced drone swarm in UE history.

Or so they believe when they begin the hunt. Unfortunately, the Seer are making their move and are determined to control Noah through the five powerful devices bound to his mind and body. His freedom and his life are on the line, but so is the fate of three galaxies.

One mistake, and Earth’s population will be enslaved as battle cyborgs for the Seer’s endless wars of conquest.

The only chance for Noah and his friends is to save the first leviathan, uncover the secret technology of the Jykeen, and break the will of the Seer overlords.

None of them are prepared to see the Nexus Gates open, but when they do, Earth will be either fall or rise to rival the Gavant Reach.

 DURATION: 10 hours