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Homeworld Lost 7 Audiobook: Obsidian Gate

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The Seer are defeated.

Noah Gantz may finally find peace from the alien technology bonded to his mind and body, except for one thing. There is a new king of the Tytons, and he has a vendetta against Wozim.

When the coronation goes horribly wrong, Noah and Kayan’s crew find themselves caught in a civil war with their friend and his family facing annihilation.

But that’s just the warm-up act. The Tytons have kept a secret from the rest of the Reach, and that secret is called the Obsidian Gate.

After a thousand years, a message has finally come back from the expedition force they sent through. 
We needed your help.

Mounting evidence points at a vindictive return from the dark beyond, and Tytondom is definitely not prepared to face their past. Can Noah and his friends salvage Wozim’s coalition in time? Dive through the Obsidian Gate to find out.

 DURATION: 10 hours