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Star Scrapper 2 Audiobook: Hunter's Rise

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Hank Spears has left the simple life of a scrapper behind.

He now begins the investigation into Codename: Extinction. But when things go wrong from the start, Hank must find a way to save his friend by enlisting the help of some unusual allies.

With every step, the Inquisition is hot on his heels and closing in on Hank. If he plans on saving the universe, he is going to have to gather a crew, get his ship up to snuff and shake the enemies off his back.

To do that, he'll need capital. Embracing the life of a bounty hunter, Hank enters a dangerous but profitable world. Nothing is what it seems, and threats lurk around every turn.

Can Hank save his friend and turn the tables on the Inquisition before they catch up with him?

Find out in Hunter's Rise, the thrilling new entry in the Star Scrapper series from USA Today Bestselling Author J.N. Chaney and Matthew A. Goodwin.