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Star Scrapper 3 Audiobook: Rebel Intelligence

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Hank and the crew have a new ally but can she be trusted?

After saving an Inquisitorial Acolyte, Hank must choose what to do next and the decision will have grave ramifications. Knowing that the Acolyte can be a great asset, Hank cautiously agrees to help her in exchange for information and connections.

To do so, he is going to need to sneak onto the capitol planet of the Consortium, and that is no easy task. Only with the aid of some underworld connections will Hank be able to achieve his goal.

Things are further complicated when the crew connect with the Peacer rebels. Hank sees potential new allies in them but understands that working together puts him even further in the crosshairs.

Can Hank's new allies be trusted or will they put him in more danger than ever?

Find out in Rebel Intelligence, the thrilling new entry in the Star Scrapper series from USA Today Bestselling Author J.N. Chaney and Matthew A. Goodwin.