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Sunkiller 3 Audiobook: Odyssey

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Two down…one to go.

Chase and Angel have two of the three artifacts they need to access the ancient alien Archive--humanity’s only hope of defeating the Sunkillers.

But getting that third one is going to be near impossible.

Because their nemesis, the power-hungry Hart-Klein Consolidated, already has the third key to the Archive…and they won’t be giving it up without a fight.

Who can Chase and the rest of the crew of the 
Tamar turn to for help when their own government thinks they’re outlaws and they have a price on their heads?

The last person they ever thought they would ask…and if she doesn’t help, humanity won't have much of a future.

Experience the third entry in the Sunkiller series from Dragon Award nominees JN Chaney and Rick Partlow. If you're a fan of gritty military science fiction, epic quests, and ancient civilizations, then you'll love Sunkiller: Odyssey.