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Undead Marine 1 Audiobook: Undead Marine

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Killed in action. Reborn on the battlefield.

Sergeant Paxton Alejo is a League of Humanity Marine Commando, the best of the best. After getting sent to oversee a batch of fresh conscripts, Pax makes the fateful decision to sacrifice his life to save his subordinates. He is posthumously awarded the Cross of Honor, the highest military medal . . .

. . . except that the Marine Corps isn’t done with him.

Using highly classified, experimental technology, his deceased body is transported to a top secret facility and infected with a genetically modified mycelium that can imprint on his brain, creating a biological download, ultimately preserving most of his memories and combat skills.

Despite being labeled legally dead, he wakes and feels alive.

He has no rights. He is no longer a citizen. Instead, he’s government property, part of a clandestine unit made up of the finest spec ops Marines, soldiers, and sailors, each one deceased. . .

. . . and all with capabilities too valuable to lose.

The military’s new goal is to create the finest combat force ever conceived, capable of bringing back the best of the best, no longer bound or constrained by death itself.

With enemies on the battlefield and at home, and with no real rights to his name, Pax and his fellows will struggle to survive in a universe built only for the living.