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Undead Marine 0 Audiobook: Situational Awareness

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When the aliens invaded the edge of human space, taking worlds and killing entire populations, Paxton Alejo enlisted in the San Marcos Marine Corps to do his part to save humanity.

But not everyone is so patriotic. There are still criminals and aggressors, far from the front lines, who are using the war to their own advantage.  Pax doesn’t even have that new boot camp smell off of him when mercenaries are hired to take control of New Horizons for their corporate bosses.

Without any training with their new unit, Pax and one of his fellow boot camp privates are told to stay out of the way where they’ll be safe.  But safe is a relative term... and the mercs are not cooperating.

When the enemy outflanks the Marines, does Pax obey orders and stay unnoticed... or does he take the bull by the horns and single-handedly try to turn the battle before it even breaks out?

Read this origin story of Sergeant Paxton Alejo in this prequel to the upcoming Undead Marine series.

Duration: 45 minutes