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Uplink Squadron 9 Audiobook: To Rule in Heaven

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A new enemy has emerged, which has proven to be far deadlier than the Overlords. So deadly, in fact, that the Overlords have chosen to join the Terran-Sontag-Kardon alliance rather than continue to fight it.

But the Legastians don’t know fear, and they were already beating the Overlords. Will the addition of the AIs help or hinder the alliance?

The fighting at Surrapsis has shown the Legastians are willing to do whatever it takes—including kamikaze attacks—when necessary to win a battle. And, with only a little head start, they can quickly get a toehold on a planet that is both hard and costly to eradicate.

The Terrans and other members of the alliance have been re-armed, and they think they’re ready to take on the Legastians. But with Kardon traitors having gone over to the enemy’s side… are they really?